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I had wished I found this site before purchasing from them.

I had a friend who purchased a 4-1 unit with the microderm wands + tips to attach last year & she said they were decent for the price. I decided I would jump online & purchase the same.

However, when it arrived I pulled out the wands & thought they were a joke! I thought I accidentally was given some prototype, or demo version. The wands are completely solid, therefor no suction through the diamond tipped mircoderm. And there is a separate attachment which is meant to suction. I sent an email, which got no response... then I had to call a few days later & asked them if it was a mistake. They excitedly told me it's new technology (actually seems like it's even worse than old technology, only benefit to crystal micro is that it's not messy lol) & it's patent pending, etc. They wouldn't let me return the product, even though their website states on the return policy page that some items (& specifically lists microdermabrasion tips) are subject to a restocking fee if returned. Which I am more than happy to pay, but they weren't even empathetic. Instead they were very unprofessional.

It should not be called 'microdermabrasion' as it is not the traditional method of microdermabrasion. They shouldn't be titled the same thing as the ones people are assuming they are buying but then receive this garbage. In none of the photos they have posted is it obvious that they are not the traditional wands, with *** They have them photographed to be deceiving & the wording in the description is not clear. As a professional that has been in the industry for 11 years, I don't see how this can have any benefit compared to what's already on the market. It's 3 steps backwards, unnecessary.

I explained to them that it's a horrible product because it takes up more treatment time since now it's a 2-step process with their version. I don't see it being successful for them at all. That's probably why they have to trick & deceive people into buying it! Definitely not designed with the esthetician or client in mind.

They gave me a speech about Altair suing many companies & their microdermabrasion units so I would no longer be able to purchase the wands I was wanting to purchase & these are the only other option I have. I felt they were also saying this to make it seem like it was true. It's part true, but not my only option. Needless to say, I found many suppliers with the wands I wanted & for a similar price. They also have a fair 30-day return/exchange policy if unused (which mine are, I took one look & wanted to return).

Hopefully by getting the word out it limit how many others experience this! Because they show no remorse or care to help out the consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lcl Beauty Microdermabrasion Machine.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $140.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

LCL Beauty Pros: Speed of receiving product.

LCL Beauty Cons: Deception, Manipulative, Poor quality, Unprofessional, Unethical.

  • Microdermabrasion Wands
  • Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion
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Help! This JUST happened to me.

I wish I would have seen your review before I bought.

Can you give me a little step on how they expect you to use a non-suction wand? Or if you were able to find other traditional wands that could be used with this machine??

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